The Brand

The Founder - Paul Glocker In the Rhine city, was born the only offspring of the sand supplier Matthaeus Glocker and his wife high school graduate Clara Baumgartner. In 1915 his par- ents shifted their residence to Grenchen, where Paul Glocker proved his intelli- gence and mental abilities in the district school. Besides teaching mechanics, he supplemented his knowledge with trainings on molding and calibrating, and in the skeleton factory of the Baumgartner Frères he picked up his mechanical skills/craftsmanship on equipment. He took advantage of the first years of his vocational activity with his brother-in-law in Pieterlen for further training in different areas through intensive self-study. His eye for detail and sense for mechanical coherences of tools and all kind of m a - chines and his adequate identification of technical defects already speeded up the new construction and with complete conviction he succeeded in obtaining larger successes with better ma- chines. n a short span of time from this period Paul Glocker was recog- nized as a serious icon in the Swiss horology industry. The conviction became much stronger when he incor- porated Ebossa group in 1925 and Mon- tres Appella in 1943.

Corporate Philosophy:

  • Engaging professional management practices and traditional “Swiss know how” related to horology.
  • Believes in “Strong alliances and bond” with all its channel partners.
  • Keeping abreast with “traditional Swiss values”.
  • Continuous R & D towards “uncompromised” innovation.

History and Overview of the Brand

Appella was born in 1943 at Porrentruy, Switzerland. The brand was created by Jahre Paul Glocker, the legendary Swiss horologist and Chairman of EBOSSA group. Montres Appella has its corporate headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and the brand is currently registered in 70 countries world-wide. Soon after its inception Appella watches were introduced in distinctive, selec- tive luxury timepieces keeping abreast with the latest fad, yet maintaining the conventional Swiss tradition. Appella belongs to the select & elite category of Swiss watch manufacturers who produce 18K solid Gold, Diamond and high- end mechanical watches.

With the corporate headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland,
Appella maintains its regional office in Dubai (UAE).

  • Originated in the region of Jura Mountains of Switzerland
  • Born – 1943, January 9